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5 Best Ways To Test The Sharpness Of Blade

Throughout history’s forge, since the second millennium BC, sword enthusiasts crafted methods to gauge sharpness. From fingertip balances to silk slicing, their reverence for the craft endured. These ancient practices persist today, honored by modern sword aficionados who continue the sacred art of blade assessment. In each keen edge lies not just cutting prowess, but […]

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Why Do Katanas Break So Easily?

In the domain of weaponry, scarcely any weapons bring out a similar feeling of persona, polish, and power as the katana. This famous Japanese sword, with its smooth arch and extremely sharp cutting edge, has caught the minds of champions and fans for quite a long time. Notwithstanding, regardless of its standing for strength and […]

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The Five Most Strongest Anime Swords

In the renowned domain of anime, where sharp edges conflict and fates unfurl, the charm of swords rules. See, as we uncover the embodiment of swordcraft, the five strongest cutting edges to elegance the vivified world. From the ethereal domains of imagination to the cutting edge milestones of sci-fi, these unbelievable swords stand as images […]

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