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Most Dangerous Swords Of Kirito In Sword Art Online

In the domain of Sword Art Online, Kirito arises as a master swordsman, using his edges with unrivaled expertise and artfulness. From the second he ventures into the virtual universe of Aincrad, his devotion to the art of swordsmanship radiates through. Among his noteworthy munititions stockpile, champions incorporate Elucidator, a dark image of his assurance, Dark Repulser, mirroring his immovable purpose, Lambent Light, typifying trust in dark times, The Eclipse, covered in secret and power, and Fragrant Olive Sword, mixing style with deadly accuracy. With these unbelievable weapons, Kirito’s process is a demonstration of his unrivaled ability and enduring soul, motivating wonder and profound respect among sword lovers and virtual globe-trotters the same.

1. Elucidator

Swords Cosplay Anime Swords kingdomFirst up is a black blade to complement Kirito’s dark attire: the famed sword, Elucidator. Acquired within the depths of Aincrad, this demonic weapon became a staple in Kirito’s arsenal, often paired with the formidable Dark Repulser. Employed from Floor 50 onward, Elucidator swiftly proved its worth as one of Kirito’s most dependable weapons. Enhanced by the skilled hands of Lisbeth the blacksmith, its stats surpassed anything in her inventory. Kirito tested its might by pitting it against the finest blade in Lisbeth’s collection, witnessing Elucidator effortlessly shatter its opponent. This sword was wielded by Kirito in his fateful battle against The Skull Reaper on Floor 75, as well as in his confrontation with Heathcliff.

Swords Cosplay Anime Swords kingdomDark Repulser stands as another prized possession within Kirito’s arsenal during his time in Aincrad. Often seen alongside Elucidator, this bright, pale blue sword serves as a striking contrast to its dark counterpart. Crafted by Lisbeth herself from a crystallite ingot obtained from a dragon’s nest, Dark Repulser bears witness to both her craftsmanship and Kirito’s adventures. Wielded with finesse by Kirito throughout his trials in Aincrad, this formidable weapon unfortunately met its end during his intense duel with Heathcliff. Nevertheless, it had proven its worth against formidable foes such as The Skull Reaper, leaving an indelible mark on Kirito’s journey.

Swords kingdomHoly Sword Excalibur, an unbelievable edge saturated with the legend of Arthurian legend, finds its place inside Sword Art Online, living in the domain of ALfheim Online as a sought-after artifact. Kirito arises as the sole carrier of this outstanding weapon, procured through the fruition of The Heavenly Sword of the Ice Royal residence mission. With details outperforming even the imposing Evil Sword Gram, Excalibur remains as a demonstration of Kirito’s ability and assurance.

Dissimilar to his other swords, Excalibur is a two-gave longsword, forfeiting speed for pulverizing power. However, its strength is evident, fit for conveying annihilating disasters for any enemy. It was through the guide of Sinon, Kirito’s believed partner, that he acquired this renowned sharp edge, and he holds her in affectionate respect for her help. Each time he draws Excalibur, Kirito is helped to remember their bond and the valorous mission that prompted its procurement.

Swords kingdomKagemitsu G4 emerges as perhaps Kirito’s most unconventional sword, resembling a lightsaber in a world dominated by firearms. In the digital realm of Gun Gale Online, where gunsmoke clouds the air, Kirito sought out this unique blade. Crafted with a design reminiscent of a lightsaber, Kagemitsu G4 offered Kirito a distinct advantage in a world ruled by guns.

What set Kagemitsu G4 apart was its versatility: the blade’s color could be customized at will, and it boasted a remarkably lightweight construction compared to Kirito’s other swords. Despite the prevalence of elite gunfighters in Gun Gale Online, Kirito proved himself capable of besting them with the Kagemitsu G4. However, he had to exercise caution, as prolonged use could lead to overheating and drain its battery.

Despite being composed of photons rather than traditional metal, Kagemitsu G4 possessed formidable cutting capabilities. Kirito showcased his skill by slicing bullets midair and effortlessly hacking through any substance, regardless of its hardness. In the hands of Kirito, this extraordinary sword became a symbol of adaptability and mastery amidst a world dominated by firearms.

Swords Cosplay Anime Swords kingdomWhile primarily wielded by Kirito’s comrade Eugeo, the Blue Rose Sword found its moment in the spotlight during the final confrontation against Quinella, the Administrator. This coveted Divine Object, crafted from pale blue-white ice with a distinctive blue rose adorning its hilt, held a place of reverence. Nestled within a dragon’s cave, its acquisition was marked by a fierce battle against the guardian dragon, perishing under Quinella’s command.

Yet, the sword remained unclaimed by the Integrity Knights, eventually falling into Eugeo’s hands. In the climactic battle against Quinella, Kirito wielded the Blue Rose Sword with unwavering skill and resolve, until its ultimate demise in combat. Renowned for its unparalleled cutting power, the Blue Rose Sword effortlessly cleaved through obstacles such as the Gigas Cedar. Remarkably, it defied convention by withstanding fire-based attacks, a testament to its extraordinary resilience and potency.

In a world where ice-based powers typically succumb to fire and heat, the Blue Rose Sword’s ability to endure such assaults stands as a testament to its formidable strength. Through Kirito’s mastery, this legendary blade left an indelible mark on the annals of Sword Art Online’s history, a symbol of courage and defiance against insurmountable odds.

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