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Meet Gyomei, the Kind-Hearted Demon Slayer

Gyomei Himejima is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Stone Hashira. Gyomei also serves as the mentor of Genya Shinazugawa. He is considered as one of the most strongest Hashira as well. Imagine Gyomei, super strong like a superhero, living in a cool temple with nine lost kids he adopted like his own team! But outside the temple lurked creepy, night-hating monsters! To keep everyone safe, Gyomei burned special incense that smelled like yummy purple flowers – demons hated that stuff!

One day, a kid broke the rule and decided to stay outside late and at that time a demon appeared infront of him. To save himself he made an offer that he would sacrifice other kids so that the demon can leave him. So after this, he blown all the incense so that demon can enter. Everybody was running was but a little girl “Sayo” stayed behind  Gyomei for protection.

Strong Gyomei raised a family of lost kids in their temple home. One awful night, a creepy demon attacked! Gyomei, blind but brave, fought the monster with his bare hands all night long! When the sun finally rose, the demon disappeared, but scared little Sayo blamed Gyomei for everything. Even though his heart ached, Gyomei never stopped being a kind and gentle giant.

What are powers of Gyomei Himejima ?

Demon slayer
katanaGyomei only trained for 2 months before becoming a Hashira. It isthe highest rank achievable by Demon Slayers within the Demon Slayer Corps. The people that occupy this role are thought to be the most powerful and proficient fighters throughout the entire organization.

Gyomei uses a special fighting style called Stone Breathing. Imagine a giant rock coming alive and fighting bad guys – that’s Gyomei! This Stone Breathing technique is super hard to learn, but it is one of the best fit for someone like Gyomei who already can’t see. With his other senses on overdrive, he can feel the ground like nobody else, he turns himself into a living earthquake for demons! No wonder they call him the Stone Hashira!

We have seen other demon slayers fighting with swords, Gyomei uses a super strong axe with a spiky ball on a chain, which is like a wrecking ball for demons!

Gyomei is super strong already, but there is another ability that he possesses which is called Repetitive Actions. This ability allows his senses to reach Total Concentration Breathing. Imagine focusing so much you can feel everything around you, like having super senses! To get there, some fighters train with special moves, but Gyomei prays all the time. By focusing on his prayers, he can fight even stronger!

Demon slayer
katanaEven though Gyomei is the strongest demon slayer, he’s actually a really gentle giant. He prays all the time, not just because he’s religious, but because focusing on good things makes him super strong! He can be suspicious of new people at first, but once he trusts you, he’s your friend forever! That’s what makes him such a cool character!

Gyomei might be the strongest demon slayer, but forget muscles! His real power comes from his feelings. When he gets super sad or mad (especially protecting someone!), it actually makes him stronger. He cries sometimes during fights, but that’s not weakness, that’s his power showing! Gyomei is a gentle giant who rewrites the rules of being a strong hero!

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