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How Does ODM Gear Work in Attack On Titan?

Here’s the lowdown on ODM gear, the ultimate titan-slaying weapon for any aspiring Scout! Forget your boring old swords and spears and have a look at this masterpiece in the battlefield. 

ODM gear is like the ultimate mobility quirk, allowing you to zip around titans like a superhero. With this gear strapped on, titans become slow, Clumsy giants compared to your lightning-fast maneuvers. Of course, mastering this gear isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes years of grueling training to become an ODM wiz, but trust me, once you ace it, you’ll be taking down titans like a pro in no time! 

ODM gear’s all about gas canisters for rocket-like movement and grappling hooks that snag onto anything. It’s basically human pinball against titans! Badasses like Levi Ackerman turn this tech into an art form, moving so fast they make whole brigades look like molasses!

How ODM Gear Functions

anime swords odm gear Swords Kingdom ODM gear is basically like a super cool grappling hook that lets you zip around on wires. The top trigger fires the anchor with the bottom trigger firing compressed gas. Pulling the lever reels the wire back in, letting go makes it stop. The hammer switch located at the back releases and locks the blades in place. The switches on the sides adjust the angle of fire for both anchor mechanisms. The control grip is approximately 18cm in height. It consist of two cylinders, one on each sheath, store compressed gas which is used to both fire and retract the grapples. The blades on the other hand are made from an Ultrahard steel, which is both supple and strong, capable of rending Titan flesh. It can only be manufactured in the blast furnaces of factory cities. Soldiers usually carry more blades in boxes built at the sides of their thighs. 

ODM Gear was a game-changer for humanity’s fight against the Titans. Before, soldiers were stuck on the ground, outmatched by the giants’ size. This gear grants insane mobility with grappling hooks and gas propulsion, letting soldiers fight in 3D and reach a Titan’s weak spot: the nape. Skilled users like Levi turn ODM Gear into a deadly weapon, giving humanity a fighting chance.

When ODM Gear is in action

anime swords odm gear Swords Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 of Attack on Titan throws Captain Levi into an open field against the Beast Titan – no trees, no buildings, just pure ODM skill. Levi doesn’t just navigate this unique challenge, he pushes the gear’s limits. Using the Beast Titan itself as leverage points, he practically flies around it with the gas propellant’s momentum. This episode shows how a master like Levi can turn standard equipment into a deadly weapon through skill and innovation. 

We can call ODM Gear as humanity’s genius against Titans. It granted soldiers 3D mobility to reach the nape, the Titan’s weak spot. But it’s more than just a tool. Take Levi vs. the Beast Titan. No grappling points? Levi used the Beast itself, flying around it with pure ODM mastery. This episode proves ODM Gear’s true power: adaptability. It’s a symbol of humanity’s fight, our will to survive and outsmart even the most impossible odds.

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