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Uses of the Samurai Tanto in Feudal Japan

The universe of Japanese swords is an interesting mix of culture, history, and creativity. The tanto is one of the numerous sorts of conventional Japanese edges, characterized by its historical significance, excellence, and adaptability. This article examines the numerous utilizations of the samurai tanto in medieval Japan, zeroing in on its utilization as a device, […]

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The Five Blades of the Samurai Era

Samurai are known as the one of the best warriors from medieval history of Japan, formed the top military class and eventually rose to become the highest social rank. Renowned for their combat skills, they wielded numerous amount of weapons and one the most famous from those weapons was swordd. Five main types of Samurai […]

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Choosing The Right Katana For You

Considering purchasing a samurai sword?  This guide will help you in finding the ideal sharp edge, whether you’re looking for a collector’s item, a showcase piece for your home, or a training blade for martial arts practice. What Is Included with a Katana? Katanas are otherwise called the mark blades of samurai. They have a […]

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5 Most Dangerous Sword Designs

People always have been interested in whether slashing is better or thrusting. Blades throughout history weren’t designed for a single glorious swing or a lightning-fast pierce. They were crafted for tödlich, the German word for “deadly” in any situation. From deflecting blows to overpowering an opponent’s defenses, a well-designed sword offered versatility that could win […]

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